How to Get NRVE

While Narrative will be free to join and use, NRVE is the token that represents value in the new content economy. All fees, rewards and tips within Narrative will use this cryptocurrency. (Rewards can be redeemed in traditional currency too.)

To obtain NRVE for niche purchasing
Visit an exchange where NRVE is available:

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It’s time for content creators to get rewarded for their hard work in a self-sustaining content ecosystem that promotes quality content. Find out how we plan to do this by reading our spec.

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Token Sale

Narrative conducted a Token Sale that allocated 50% of the genesis tokens to crowdsale purchasers. The NEO-based NEP-5 token, called NRVE, was priced at 300 tokens per NEO.

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Narrative’s mission is to put all of its members in charge, to make content the true “king,” and to ensure that nearly all of the revenue earned by the platform is paid to its members.

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Project Roadmap

Learn more about Narrative’s past, present, and future including development priorities through beta launch and beyond.

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Flipping the Big Social model, Narrative is a content network that puts the members in charge, makes good content easy to find, and distributes 85 percent of revenue to users.