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I had the pleasure of interviewing Molly O’Neill, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Narrative Company. She is an award-winning tech executive, and a recognized writer and presenter for print, radio and online media. As a former Federal CIO, she has regulatory expertise and testified multiple times before US Congress on issues related to technology.
NEO News Today
Narrative, a United States-based content network, has announced its plan for the development of its “Reputation” system. The plan involves a year of private, closed source refinement of the scoring system, followed by eventual publication of the entire set of algorithms and formulas. Reputation will be used to adjust scoring of all votes and ratings on the platform. Narrative says that its Reputation Score is “the key to ensuring a quality experience on Narrative,” and that it is “the primary tool for determining the impact” of its community members.
NEO News Today
The social media and content economy platform Narrative has announced the release of its reputation score system, affectionately referred to as its “secret sauce” by the team. The reputation system is now live on the Narrative Alpha and will affect how much influence each user has on the platform.
NEO News Today
United States-based media platform, Narrative, have announced the release of its “Network Stats” page. The development is a small step in Narrative’s updated project roadmap, which outlines the steps to a March 2019 release of the Narrative beta. Narrative states the coming months will show incremental releases “that will serve as building blocks for the network.”
NEO News Today
Narrative, a United States-based media platform, aims to create “The World’s Journal,” a member-controlled content network with a revenue-sharing model. Narrative co-founder and CTO Brian Lenz, who claims over 17 years of development experience and is listed by City of Zion as a developer of its neo-python node and SDK, recently spoke to NEO News Today’s Colin Closser about the Narrative project.
NEO News Today
Narrative’s beta release, originally scheduled for the end of 2018, has been pushed back to March 2019 in the updated development roadmap. Narrative states that the changes made in the alpha update have “set us up to deliver more consistently in the future” as “critical architecture and infrastructure” challenges are solved.
Disruptor Daily
In this interview I talk with Ted O’Neill, CEO and Founder of Narrative, a content creation and distribution platform. Ted and I discuss the future of content creation and publishing, and how Blockchain can help.
Narrative is the first content network that gives members autonomy and rewards them for their content.
NEO News Today
Social media project Narrative recently announced an update to the alpha version of its content network. Narrative reports that the site’s architecture is new, with “an entirely new front-end.”
Charleston Regional Business Journal
When bitcoin reached record-level valuation last year and started grabbing headlines, people noticed — including Ted O’Neill. O’Neill, CEO of the Charleston-based online platform creator Social Strata, had a vision of a social network that allows users to benefit from the work they post — “a content economy,” he calls it — and he thought cryptocurrency and blockchain technology could be the key to making it work.
Hacker Noon
After serving as CEO of a successful software company for over 20 years, Ted has recently raised $5 million via token sales to create a user-generated content network where the members rule and are rewarded.
NEO News Today
United States-based social media project, Narrative, has released a summary of the governing principles for its community and content standards. Narrative’s principles of community-based management, moderation, and content curation, also outlined in an August 2018 manifesto, are designed to set the stage for a social media platform that is run and managed by its own members.
NEO News Today
Narrative has announced a new component to its rewards structure: the Electorate. The new incentive will reward participants for voting on various decisions that will shape its member-controlled ecosystem. Narrative is currently in Alpha and claims to be creating a new kind of social network that rewards its users for creating and moderating high-quality content.
Neon Beginner
On the 20th of September, 2018 (Thursday) from 11 am to 12 pm EDT, Narrative held a live Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session. This article highlights some of the questions asked by members of the community as well as the answers provided by Narrative’s core team via their Reddit Channel during the AMA.
The Creative Crypto
We’ve seen whitepaper after whitepaper, interface scroll after scroll, but when was the last time you read an actual manifesto for blockchain? Narrative presents their tenets in their manifesto, outlining the problems with the current content industry and how their system, and decentralization in general, are beginning to revolutionize that.
NEO News Today
Narrative has released an update to its project roadmap as it makes progress towards its beta release, scheduled for Q4 2018. Narrative aim to be the “World’s Public Journal” and describes itself as a “mashup between Medium, Instagram and Twitter, but with more focused subject-matter,” rewarding content creators, moderators and everyone who positively influences the quality of content.
Block Tribune
Block Tribune discusses the future of online content and a world where people will be rewarded for quality. Narrative ($NRVE) is a content community that rewards creators, moderators and all who add value. User reputation and content ratings (not arbitrary algorithms) minimize the reach of low-quality content while rewarding the best content. The company recently unlocked its first 2,500 users in its alpha version.
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Narrative focuses on contributors, whom they call “Narrators,” who keep “journals” to tell their personal stories and share their thoughts. There is a structure in place where there are categories of content, which they call “Niches,” to help people find relevant topics. People curating these Niches also get token rewards for successfully keeping their Niche relevant and interesting.
The Creative Crypto
We at The Creative Crypto are always on the lookout for compelling designs in the crypto space. Today’s interview is with Matt Brooks, Lead of UI/UX at Narrative and veteran designer, helping prepare the launch of the most anticipated social and content network on the NEO blockchain.
Summary of cryptocurrency startups hoping to disrupt the media business. All these companies are trying different things in the media / “content” ecosystem.
Narrative($NRVE), a content community where users rule and are rewarded, announced today it has released early access to 2,500+ members in its alpha version. Early access rounds for people in the waitlist “unlock” at key increments, at which time new members can claim their handles, suggest and bid on niches and become eligible for Referral Rewards.
Neon Beginner
Narrative offers a platform where anyone can submit their content and have full control of their topic, style and volume of the content they post. However, while people are free to provide content on just about anything, Narrative ensures that the content can be read through by users of the platform in a safe manner.
One early-stage startup believes that, not only can the community of users in a social platform regulate and govern themselves, but they should be paid to do so, as well as to create the content that populates the platform. Narrative is a cryptocurrency-driven content and social platform that allows creators and users to get rewards for participating in the community.
Coin Review Guy
Ted O’Neill explains Narrative’s vision and goals. As the first true Content Economy, Narrative disrupts the traditional business model for social media networks.
NEO News Today
The Narrative Network, an incentivized social media platform that rewards content creators and moderators, published its “Narrative @ Work” progress report, June 29. Chaucer is now open to the general public with the Claim Your Spot campaign. Chaucer registrations will unlock incrementally as the team works towards its beta release planned for Q4 2018.
Thrive Global
An interview with Rosemary O’Neill, Co-Founder of Narrative Company. She has 20 years of leadership in the online community space as an entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. Rosemary has been named one of the Top 100 community managers on Twitter by Little Bird. She is a recognized HR innovator, quoted by HuffPo, Fox & Friends, BBC, and NPR regarding unlimited PTO.
The Tech Life with Rich Conte
This episode of Silicon Harbor Radio features Rosemary O’Neill, co-founder and co-CEO of Narrative Network. Rosemary talks about the fledgling blockchain venture and how her experience launching another venture led to Narrative.
Keeping Stock
Narrative is perhaps one of the most well-branded cryptocurrency project websites. It will act as a social media platform and content distribution network for content creators -  which will to be home for long-form written content. Narrative closed its Initial Coin Offering already and are building the project.
The Creative Crypto
Narrative is a new decentralized social-media platform that looks to distribute network rewards amongst its users. The most distinguishing factor of the upcoming Narrative is the structure of “Niches” to determine the distribution of community rewards and incentivization. Niches are equivalent to sub-reddits and will be centered around a topic, person, company, and so on.
Inc. Magazine
Narrative is a blockchain based content platform that rewards those who create good and non-abusive content with cryptocurrency and exposure. Thus, users see more positive, accurate content, and less negative,"bad egg" content by keeping these at the bottom of the feed.
Huffington Post
Users don’t need to know anything about cryptocurrencies to take part, and can even choose to receive rewards from their earned tokens in fiat currency such as USD, rather than on existing tokens. Users make money from any contribution to the platform: writing posts and comments, posting images and monitoring content.

NOTE: this article was written prior to our switch to NEO and thus contains references to Ethereum that no long apply.
Blockchain News
Today, social networks are run by monolithic corporations. These companies are the ones who make the decisions about the content posted on their network, and they pocket the revenues from the network’s activity. With Narrative, users are truly in control of the communities they help create. Narrative gives its user community an unprecedented level of control...
Coin Journal
The Narrative platform will include three channels: a Personal Journal where writers create their own content, Niches were users create content and participate in discussions separated according to topic, and Brands where organizations create discussions and where brands owners decide who can post content.
The Coin Telegraph
Other industry insiders agree. A rapid increase in price is not necessarily a sure sign of a bubble. Rather, rise price points may in fact represent adoption on a larger scale. Consider Ted O’Neill’s (Founder, Narrative Network) statement...
The Merkle
If we had gone with traditional VC funding, the company may have had strong capitalization, but the users would not have participated in or had the same level of impact on that value. By utilizing a Token Sale, we allow our future users to drive the value and participate in the success of the network. Since our network is all about user autonomy and rewarding active participants, a Token Sale perfectly aligns with the objectives of the project.
The Merkle
As the preeminent crypto brand, Bitcoin will continue to increase in value. We’ll see an increase in adoption of crypto in general, despite the churning regulatory environment. With Bitcoin futures being added to the CME, we should see more rapid adoption on the institutional side as well. Though of course there will be many ups and downs, I expect the value to double each of the next three years, and thus project a price of around $75,000 by the end of 2020. That would give Bitcoin a $1 trillion market capitalization.
Narrative, a company that wants to create a blockchain-powered content economy is about to raise funds through an Initial Coin Offering. What is interesting about is that they will be building their token on top of the NEO blockchain.

They have done this because they think that NEO, the Chinese Ethereum, would be a better long term fit for the platform. For example, there are lower transaction fees and a more flexible development environment with a quantum computing resistant protocol.
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