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It’s time for content creators to get rewarded for their hard work. On Narrative, members are in charge, participants get paid, and content on every subject imaginable is easy to find.

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What Makes Narrative Different?

Members Earn 85% of All Revenue

Members create, moderate, comment, rate, and govern, so it's only fair that 85% of all revenue is rewarded to active participants.

No Corporate Middleman

The company behind Narrative has no role in content or member management and has no ability to ban members.


Niches are unique subjects approved by the community that allow for content to be organized and discovered.


Members control their own content and profile data and elect their own leaders and moderators.


Every community member has a reputation score based on their actions on the network. All ratings and votes are always adjusted based on each member's reputation, ensuring that the impact of bad actors is minimized.

Content Ratings

All content is quality and age-rated by the community to give members more control over the content they see.

Read the Narrative Manifesto to learn more about our central tenets.
Content Channels In Narrative


Every Narrative member has their own, free Journal, where only they can post content. All posted content is public.


Niches are communal subjects that anyone can post to. Each niche has an owner, who is rewarded based on the overall quality of content in the channel, plus elected moderators.


Publications are channels paid for by companies, personal brands, organizations or publishers that want to control who can post and manage their content.

What Kind of Content Can You Post?

Content can be long or short form, but it must have a title. Include text and/or images. Video uploads are not supported yet, but you can embed content from nearly every media source, including YouTube, Vimeo, and hundreds more.

If you want to earn rewards as a content creator, make sure that you associate your post with up to three Niches (unique subjects). That way, you help build out content for every subject and attract an audience for your content.

Narrative is Member-Run

Narrative is managed and governed by its members. That means that there is no middleman controlling what you see or how content is rated or presented, or making editorial judgments about what is good or bad. You can be as involved as you want to be.


Use the HQ area to vote on suggested Niches, reported content that may violate the Acceptable Use Policy, and more. Each reputation-adjusted vote directly impacts the community.


Rate content and comments for quality (and also age-rate content that is not suitable for kids). The more reputation you earn, the more powerful each rating you cast becomes.


Elect Niche moderators and the governing Tribunal, which has the final say on all appeals.


Niche moderators are responsible for ensuring that all content in a Niche matches its subject matter.


When you purchase a Niche, you earn rewards based on its success. The more quality content a Niche has, the more rewards the owner receives.


The Tribunal is the elected leadership of the network. This group reviews all appeals and makes final judgments.

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